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I am interested in class action against Care Centrix and Horizon BCBS. Their billing practices are have caused enormous trouble, and their website is woefully inadequate. Since they have taken over the billing for my medical equipment it has been one problem after another. Months ago they stopped sending bills, and then sent my account to collections because I did not pay them! I never had a problem with the prior company that provided my... Read more

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CareCentrix seems to be a collection company(though it is meant for billing). Their arrogant practices hurt customers. I think Carecentrix need to change their name to Centrix Collection and Careless Arrogance center. Don't know how long this company will last with their attitude to customers. The Care before the Centrix is ridiculous. They try to get money for the items not supplied according toe customers request. Sometimes their provider... Read more

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This company is absolute the worst ever. Furthermore they don't care about customer service. No number to even call to ask questions. Then they make you log into an account (with rediculous) password restrictions! Do not use these people unless you have absolute NO alternative!

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CareCentrix provided HH care and never billed our insurance carrier, Cigna. Now, almost a year later, after receiving no bills, an attorney is attempting to collect for non-payment. Our share would have been zero since we had met all out out of pocket expenses due to a car accident and insurance was purchased on the Exchange. I had called last year and asked if they were billing my provider because I have not seen an EOB for them and was told... Read more

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I work for a medical supply company. We had a patient with a financial hardship. Upon speaking with her and scheduling her appointment, we agreed to waive her copay for her as a courtesy to her financial situation. After we submitted our bill to CareCentrix for payment, they billed our patient her co-insurance directly, which is not anything I've encountered in my 10 years of working in the medical billing field. They would not waive the... Read more

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Until October of 2015, my husband received and his insurance was billed for his CPap supplies and his diabetic supplies through the same respective companies. They never collected the 10% co-insurance from him. Now, he still receives his CPap and diabetic supplies from the same companies BUT the insurance is billed through Carecentrix and Carecentrix bills him for the 10% co-insurance. So the supply companies still get the same amount of... Read more

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These people are incredibly deceptive - they appear to be the billing arm of a company that sells rehab devices and the equipment that is needed to support those devices. Notice that there is separation between this company and the actual provider. That leads to an inability to find someone that can actually answer any questions or resolve an issue. In this case it was EMSI Electrical Stimulation Electrodes. They pushed this service and... Read more

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My dad was in Florida in October and needed a wheelchair temporarily. Sarasota Doctors Hospital made the arrangements and it was processed thru the medical insurance. Now I get non stop threatening bills looking for $7.53. I made numerous calls with absolutely no resolution.They claimed we were RENTING the wheelchair and the bill was a monthly payment and we need to pay for 3 years. Excuse me I can get a Cadillac Wheelchair for that amount!!! ... Read more

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Apria healthcare billed Carecentrix for item I did not receive in December 2015. I called them, they said nothing could be done unless I contacted Apria to have the charges reversed. I called 6 times and left messages. No cals were returned. I enlisted Carecentrix help. a 3 way call 5 additional times. Then Carecentrix threatened to send me to collections in February 2016 if I did not pay the bill for supplies I did not reecive. In May, 5 months... Read more

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In August my husband received a package from them that he did not order. We sent it right back to them unopened, and they in return sent it right back to us. So he called the company and told them he did not want whatever was in the box, they argued he opened it, and we argued back it was not opened. In the end they gave us a tracking number to put on the box to return, UPS came to THE DOOR and I handed him the package. NOW carecentrix has sent... Read more

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