Ponte Vedra, Florida

Whatever Blue Cross is paying Care Centrix to handle their billing, it's TOO MUCH! And customers better have PLENTY of time on their hands if attempting to pay a bill via phone or on-line. THIS IS THE WORST BILLING SYSTEM EVER!!

First of all, they bill ever component of your bill on a separate invoice (for ex. if you have a C-Pap machine, you have a separate invoice for the tubing, the rental, the mask, the pillow, etc.) If you have a question about a bill, forget about it! (They double billed me numerous times) You have to wait forever for someone to answer the phone only to find out that they cannot accept payment and you have to wait forever for someone in that department too! I finally gave up and decided to pay on line. THAT WAS ANOTHER NIGHTMARE!

Their on line billing system is archaic and extremely difficult and time consuming to use. You have to punch in your customer #, invoice, amount, etc. to pay for every single invoice!! You also have to print payment for each invoice separately! What a waste of ink and paper. Not very eco friendly. They also don't accumulate your past due balance, forcing you to keep every single bill or call them, Ugh. Really ***.

The exp. date for your credit card misprints when you fill it in and you have to highlight and cut the date and resubmit it, but it doesn't allow you to put in the required back slash. Arghhhhhhh. After the third invoice I just quit and gave up trying to pay these people. WHAT A NIGHTMARE AND A HUGE WASTE OF MY TIME! I can't imagine an elderly person or a learning disabled person trying to use this system.

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